They always tell you what you can’t do, so how about what you can do for once?

24 October 2014

This outta be good…

I’m sitting on a plane at London Stansted heading to München for Oktoberfest when the growls begin. Gradually, at first, as they always do, then roaring like a lion who hasn’t eaten in 6 days and has just been released into Times Square.

“Well, shit.”

I claw for the Available on this Flight pamphlet that I already know won’t be able to help. It’s all there: ham and cheddar sandwich, brie and pear croissant, tapas plate. I read the descriptions but the only words my brain comprehends scream meat, cheese, cheese, meat, cheese, tons of dairy. RUN.

What does one even eat when heading to Germany for a festival that was once a folk gathering and has now centered itself on all things beer?

The official answer: whatever you bring with you.

This is one of the major fragments of what it means to have IBS or Crohn’s or really any version of digestive turmoil. You are acutely aware every second of every day of what is happening with your guts. They tell you that meal prep is key and that you need to remember to bring snacks to nosh on with you at all times where ever you go. You slowly turn into the crazy person at lunch who is ordering the “chicken fiesta salad with no chicken, cheese, peppers or anything fun, really.” The words “could you add avocado to that?” leave your lips on a near daily basis.

I have lived with some form of violent conflict occurring within my intestines for nearly 2 decades. Managing it has been an up and down battle filled with tears, self doubt and frustration. The only cure that has ever truly worked? Honesty in the face of reality, however harsh or upsetting it may be.

And thus I present this concept of a blog: real life snippets from a lady who’s been there.

Welcome to Have Crohn’s, Will Travel. Get ready for the humor, awkward frankness and most importantly, the truth associated with a lifelong ‘incurable’ illness.

This outta be good.


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